1978 札幌生まれ
1994-1999 札幌大谷美術科にて学ぶ
2000 渡英 ロンドンにて語学と映画制作を学びながら絵画の創作を続ける
2003 Diploma Time-Based Media(Film,Video & Digital Media)取得
2004 渡仏 パリ在住 画家の友人と共にパリ中の美術館を巡る
2005 帰国後、東京札幌にて制作活動

Born in 1978, Hyogo Miyachi grew up in Sapporo, Japan.In 2000,
she moved to London,where she studied film making and digital media.
Stimulated by her increasing interest in western art,
she moved to Paris in 2004,where she spent the next year and a half
exploring Parisian life among fellow artists.
She now lives in Tokyo working as an illustrator.
Her art work usually includes portrait of animals, children and women.
Writing poetry and fiction is also one of her current interests.
Chromatic synesthesia has influcenced her work.

1999- B.A.Fine Arts,Otani Colleges,Sapporo,Japan
2003- Diploma in Time-Based Media,London,UK.

Everyday-life synesthesia Hyogo Miyachi